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Nagore Dargah Shariff - Tamil Nadu,India -Divine of South Asia - உலக புகழ் பெற்ற நாகூர் தர்காஹ் -4K


FIRST MINARET It was built by Ibrahim Khan of Senchi (in TamilNadu) according to a vow. The Minaret known as “SAHIB MINARA”. The height is 77 feet. Year Hijiri 1055. SECOND MINARET This Minaret was constructed by Nalla Syed Maricar of Nagapattinam. It is calling “THALAIMATTU MINARA”. The height is 93.5 feet. Year Hijiri 1100. THIRD MINARET This Minaret was built by Peer Nainar. Also call “MUTHUBAQ MINARA”. The height is 93.25 feet. Year Hijiri 1110. FOURTH MINARET Justice Dawood Khan of Parangipettai (Port Novo) built the fourth minaret is call “OTTU MINARA”. This Height is 80 feet. Year Hijiri 1128. These four Minarets are inside the premises of shrine. FIFTH MINARET At that time Prathap Singh the King of Maratta was the monorch of Thanjavur. He undertook a massive construction and the big minaret took shape for he had got blessings from Saint for with Son. It is known as “Big Minaret”(Peria Minara).It was built in Hijiri 1177 year and has been designed in Maharastrian Architectural. The height of the Minaret is 131 feet. It is taller than other four Minaret. It is infront of Shrine’s main Enterance. FOUR MAIN ENTRANCES Nagore Dargha has 4 main entrances namely : “Alankara Vasal” in west side of shrine. It is a first and important entrance. “Thalaimattu Vasal” in north. “Kizhakku Vasal” in east. “Kalamattu Vasal” in south. PEER MANDAPAM This building was built by the “Dutch authorities” who ruled in Nagapattinam. This mandapam is inside of premises. The total area of Dargha is 1,94,790 Sq feet. HThe other buildings of Dargah were constructed by different kinds of people in different times. THE GRAND KANDOORI FESTIVAL The Anniversary of the Holy Saint is celebrated every year for 14 days commencing from the first day in the month of Jamathul Akhir in Hijiri year. The festival (Urs) is known as the “Grand Kandoori Festival” attracts thousands of pilgrims from Srilanka, Mianmer, Malaysia, Singapore, Arabia and other countries in all religious...://

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SHAHUL HAMEEDD NAGOORI was born to Syed Hassan Kuthos Baba Kaadiri and Bibi Fathima at Manikpur, in Pratapgarh district of Uttar Pradesh. He was a 13th generation descendant of the renowned Sufi saint, Muhiyudin Abd al-Qadir al-Jalani.He had his Islamic education at Gwalior under the guidance of Mohammad Ghouse He left on a pilgrimage to Mecca and then moved to Maldives, Sri Lanka and Tamil Nadu with his spiritual team. Historians Sayyid and Qadir Hussain (1957) place the date of his birth on 10 November 1504, death on 10 November 1570 and arrival in Nagore during 1533–34.Other sources mention the year of death as 1558, 1570 or 1579.He is believed to have led a simple and pious life, performing a lot of miracles, giving him the name Nagore Andavar (meaning god of Nagore).His popularity grew outside Tanjore region during the period.He was also called Meera Saheb, Qadir Wali and Ganj-e-Sawai. As per local legend, hagiographical texts and historical records, Shahul Hamid is believed to have cured a Hindu ruler of Thanjavur, king Achutappa Nayak (1529–1542 A.D.), of his physical affliction caused by sorcery.Shahul Hamid found a needled pigeon in the palace believed to be the cause of the misery. He removed the pins from the pigeon, resulting in the king's health improvement. In remembrance of the event, the practice of setting pigeons free in the premises of the dargah is continued by worshipers in modern times.

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